Mission Atlantis in Poptropica

Mission: Atlantis Episode 1, known as “Into the Deep” is now available for everyone to play. In this episode, you are supposed to take photographs of the following five fish:

  • Angler Fish
  • Barreleye
  • Cuttle Fish
  • Seadragon
  • Stone Fish

But at the end of your photography mission, something goes wrong and you discover something much bigger: the lost city of Atlantis. Unfortunately, this is just where the episode ends and we’ll all have to wait for Episode 2 to learn more. But now that the new island is out of Members-only Early Access mode, everyone can play!



And now non-members can play the updated Mythology Island. Hooray!

Mythology Island on Poptropica

Poptropica Mythology Island

Poptropica Members can now play the new Mythology Island. It has been updated to use the bigger screen and new interface and music and sound have also been added. For now, only members can access the new island, but soon everyone will be able to play.

Not much changed from the old version of the island other than the overall look and feel. There were some small changes to the gameplay. The trip across the River Styx in the boat is a little different. Instead of ducking under the flying flaming skull, you now jump over it. It’s supposed to make it easier, but I don’t know.

The first episode of the latest island in Poptropica, Mission: Atlantis, is now ready for members to play. As usual, Fierce Moon beat me to the punch with the walkthrough. I’ll have one posted soon, but in the meantime, go check out the Mission Atlantis Cheats on PoptropicaSecrets.com, or check out the Mission Atlantis Walkthrough video on Youtube.

Mission Atlantis is Ready for Members

The other really big news is that everyone can now play episode 1 of Survival Island!

Monster Carnival Island has finally come to Poptropica! After years of waiting for this mysterious island to arrive, you can now play it. Here is the complete walkthrough for Poptropica Monster Carnival Island!

Monster Carnival Island Walkthrough

Entrance and Repairing the Carnival

As soon as you get to Monster Carnival Island, you will be on Main Street. Run to the until you visit a boy standing beside a signal for the Carnival. His title is Edgar, and he’s a proud carnie trainee. He Will inform you that folks are looking forward to the carnival to start, but that matters are not prepared.

First speak to the man standing facing the Duck Sport. He Will let you know that he’s no water for the sport and wants a hosepipe. Next discussion to the girl facing the meals stand. She Will let you know that she is from sugar and wants your help making some. She Will present you with a recipe and request that you locate a chemistry set-to make even more.

Next, reunite to Main Street before you reach Honest Gabe’s Car Mechanic Shop and run all of the method to the left. Go within the building. The automobile mechanic interior will run-up to you as well as request if you are having vehicle trouble. Tell her you have got issues together with your radiator hose and she will provide to allow you’ve 1. It Is upward to the very best ledge to the proper. Leap up to regain it and then-head back outside to Main Street.

The Apothecary

Now go across the street to the Apothecary. After indoors, wander to the correct and talk together with the white beared guy supporting the counter. He Will request you for aid filling out a purchase and he will offer you a method for Salt, also called Common Salt (NaCl). After you have that, jump-up the stairway to the left and you will locate a machine below the signal that reads, Bio-Chemistry and You. Snapping on this particular sign will show several formulas you can create. But to get this first one, simply click the yellowish and blue bottles on the very best ledge to the left. After you have both, click the machine (the ChemoBUSTER 2000) to begin it. Bubbles are created by this device in the point at which you snap to shove and split up apart the distinct chemical compounds. Burst them all upward by hitting or close them, by snapping to produce bubbles to proceed them in specific directions and shove them together. It’s really simpler than it seems! Once you have developed all the required goods, the equipment will automatically shut, and you will get Salt in your back pack.

Run back to the white bearded guy and he will consider the Salt and thanks. Subsequently click on him again and you will request him if you are able to utilize the equipment again to make some thing for the carnival. He Will say yes, and offer you a cryptic caution concerning the carnival and also the shadowy destinations they’ve went through. Seems threatening! But for the time being, simply head back around the device to create the Sugar the food stand girl wants for her Fried Dough. Once you are completed, you will get Sugar in your back pack.

Getting the Carnival Prepared

Now abandon the Apothecary store and operate back to the carnival. Intriguing note: this seems to be a mention of an instalment in Seinfeld called The Fix Up where George Costanza learns his girl friend is pregnant and that he’s the dad. Kind of an unusual reference, Poptropica!

Now speak to the girl facing the meals stand. She Will require the sugar out of your back pack, thanks, and present you some fried dough. At this time, Edgar will come working over, really excited concerning the fried dough. The girl will shout at him to return to work.

Someone handily left a lever lying around the floor in the woods. OK, there is an additional ride to repair ahead of the carnival can start. Run to the correct, after the signal to the Carnival Rides. Here you will locate a ferris wheel whirling unmanageable. Speak to the guy standing before it and he will inform you that a damaged lever is retaining him from repairing the wheel. Run to the correct, proceed to the next region, and passing the rest of the rides. Here you will see turned metal along with a creepy Poptropica encounter statue lying-in the over-grown weeds. Right beneath it to the earth, there is a lever (how handy!) Run over it to select it up. Now head straight back to the man facing the ferris wheel and apply the lever in your back pack.

Now get back to the left and Edgar will run-up to you personally again, as soon as you get to the key carnival region. He allows you understand that now they’re able to open up the carnival.

Something’s Maybe Not Exactly Correct in the Carnival

The Carnival has started! But something’s amiss — no-one can win the matches. Does Not that constantly occur at carnivals? First, visit the Pop the Balloon sport after speaking to Edgar, who promises he doesn’t have thought why the balloons are not and grab the Blunted Dart bursting
Poptropica Monster Carnival Island - Weight Guess
Click the man with eyeglasses (he is the fat guesser) and he’ll right guess your fat, prompting you to really figure out you require a manner (weigh?) to trick him.

Monster Carnival – Sharpen Steel Make Use Of the steel sharpener in the car mechanic to correct the blunted dart.
Now abandon the carnival and operate back to Main Street. Go inside Fair Gabe’s Auto-Repair and you will locate a machine in the left that is employed to sharpen steel. Open your back pack and Apply the Blunted Dart. The equipment will whirr and also the dart will get a Sharpened Dart. That can undoubtedly be convenient for the Pop the Balloon sport!

Leave the Car Repair Center and go in the Apothecary. The propreitor will speak to you personally and say that you are welcome to whatever you will find in the store. Right in the front of him, you will visit a reddish dolly using a pile of cartons about it. Click in cartons then click on the sheet that appears in the carton. You Will observe that it has a free of charge bottle of Osmium, among the heaviest elements.

Next, abandon the store and head straight back to the Carnival. Play the Pop Edgar and the Balloon sport will present you with a Memento Cup as an award.

Now run to the proper to the carnival rides region and go after dark Ferris Wheel. You Will locate a girl facing a Check Your Power game. She Will challenge you, inquiring if you have got something in these skeletal arms. You Will consider a swing together with the hammer, but simply manage to get the fat as large as “Baby.” Not really powerful! Utilize the Bouncy Ball in your back pack to put it beneath the machine. Speak to the girl again and give still another swing. Now, you will strike “Super Hero” and the girl provides you with the hammer as an award.

OK, now run straight back to the left and speak with the Ferris Wheel man. He Will let you know that there is nonetheless an issue with all the Ferris Wheel and that two children are stuck up in the top. Run straight back to the key carnival region and locate the girl facing the meals stand. The Ferris Wheel will begin turning again along with the children is going to be saved.

Follow them to the correct and talk together with the man standing away from the Tunnel of Love entry. He Will present you with a flash light and request that you locate a mask in the haunted laboratory. Run to the proper, after dark Evaluation Your Power game, and enter the Haunted Laboratory. Equip the torch so you can easily see.

Speak to the man outside again and he will let you know to sneak on the children and shock them. Walk to the correct and you will locate both children sitting in among the swan boats. Leave the Tunnel of Love.

Here there Be Monsters!

When you leave the Tunnel of Love, you will see a number of the townspeople exterior and they will inform you that all the carnies vanished away to the woods. Run to the right to attend the woods and shortly you will get to some place using a tree stump and a tiny cavern. Search for dropped things like popcorn on the floor in which you see those things and leave the region. Replicate this a couple times and after that you will wind up in a shadowy and spooky area of the woods where you will see most of the carnies standing around a body in a purple hooded gown. He can inform them serve him and to become their authentic selves.

Seek out the dropped things on the floor and leave right near them. Subsequently, they change into creatures!

Nighttime will fall as well as the moon will rise. Edgar propose you discover Ringmaster Raven for assistance and will run-up to you personally, when you come back to the carnival grounds.

You Will must jump on the creatures which might be obstructing your path.

Go within the ringmaster’s collapsible shelter and he will let you know that there is a chemical method which he can utilize to reverse the shift.

Run around to the ferris wheel and make use of the hammer in your back pack. Press the spacebar to smash it to the floor. This will definitely halt the ferris wheel as well as the creature indoors will drop to the bottom, dropping a key message. It Is a ticket for the duck sport with all the phrase “GORY” on it. It Is brief for green-orange red-yellowish, that is the sequence you will must get the ducks in the sport.

Run to the best, near where you discovered the Human Fly Mask and you will discover a carton of black lights together with a bookshelf. Leap around catch one and then leave the Laboratory.

Run all of the method to the duck sport, preventing the creatures as you-go. When you arrive, open your back pack and make use of the black-light bulb. Click the duck sport to perform it and you will see that each of the ducks have turned different colours. Pick them upward in GORY sequence (green, orange, reddish, then yellow) to disclose a Mystery Formula which will appear in your back pack.

Now reunite to Main Street. Go into Fair Gabe’s Auto-Repair and click the green button to reduce the elevator on the proper. Click the port cover to eliminate it and go indoors. The stack of papers is blocking the manner, however you can click each paper to transfer it. The newspaper headlines tell the tale of Chicken Boy (backwards sequence). You Will understand he was a carnival orphan who had been attributed for starting a fireplace then run out-of-town.

After the stack of papers is cleared, you may get in the store. Go around to the chemical device and roll up the rest of the substance bottles around the ledge to the correct. Subsequently make use of the device to make still another compound.

Leave the store through the front entrance and operate back to the Carnival. Edgar is waiting beyond the ringmaster’s collapsible shelter. Go indoors.

You’ll learn that you have been double crossed. Edgar continues to be hypnotized just like he and the other carnies and you are captured by the ringmaster and consider the method. The ringmaster needs to utilize the formulation, Sodium Thiopental, to hypnotize everybody in town! It seems that Ringmaster Raven is truly Bird Boy! He runs off, leaving you alone with Edgar.

Make use of the Fried Dough in your back pack and it’ll trip Edgar’s recollection. You Will then operate outside and visit the Mirror Maze. Ringmaster Raven is here now and he will conceal behind among the mirrors. Observe carefully to find out which one he conceals behind. Ringmaster Raven will be again and then run to a different place to conceal again.

Eventually, he will quit concealing and you may hypnotize him, creating him your slave. To make sure he never damages anyone again, you will persuade him that he is really a chicken.

Talk with Edgar and he will supply you with the isle medallion. The carnival, now featuring its new Amazing Chicken Guy draw, rolls from township.

Now you have completed the quest. Great job on finishing Monster Carnival Island!

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Cheats for Survival Island

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Survival Island is the first of a new kind of island in Poptropica — episodic islands. This is kind of Poptropica’s way of getting more islands out to us without having to finish them first. Instead of playing the whole island at once, you play a series of episodes, or small bits. The first episode in Survival Island is called Crash Landing and here is how you solve it. Some of this was put together by Fierce Moon at PoptropicaSecrets.com in her Survival Island Walkthrough.

You will begin the initial episode of Survival Island having a short cinematic featuring your balloon crashing into the wilderness. Your target with this episode is to gather all the needed materials to start a fire and keep warm. The episode starts with you hanging helplessly from a tree. Fear not: simply click on the display below your avatar and you will fall harmlessly to the bottom.

Walk over to the left and you’ll locate a Survival Handbook on the ground. Pick it up to place it in your back pack — you will want it!

Now go to the right and you will visit a gnarled tree with exposed roots above an ice pond. Bound up on the branches to get at the very best, where you will locate a lost page for the survival handbook.

poporgSurvivalIslandKeep moving to the right till you find a rock pile. Upward above this rock pile and also to the left you’ll locate a dead branch. Leap onto the lifeless branch to make it fall and break apart into a stack of logs, which you will need for your fire.

Yet again, keep running to the correct. You’ll strike a squirrel running up a tree. You’ll need to follow him up to his squirrel hole, but the method to get there is a bit complicated, because you can’t climb a tree like a squirrel. Instead, you’re going to operate all the way to the left, to the border of the place. You’ll find a woodpecker here, and he’ll fly off to the right. Jump through the branches and follow the woodpecker to his next place. Keep following him till he reaches the tree with the squirrel inside the hole. The squirrel will cover his ears, absolutely annoyed from the noise, and depart. This will allow you to gather the squirrel’s nest, which you can use as tinder for the fire.

Drop down to the ground and go to the right, entering the next map section.

Keep going to the correct and you’ll come to a big tree with a hole inside. Pick up the stack of wet kindling underneath the tree.

Pick it up to put it inside your survival handbook.

Run to the right again and enter the following map section.

You Will be working on the top of a fallen tree. There Is a hole here that you’ll fall into so that you’re inside the lifeless and hollow tree-trunk. There’s a small family of hibernating gnawing animals here. Run a number of steps to the left, and grab the mittens which have been placed inside the tree. How did they get there?

Bound back up outside the hollow log and go to your right. There’s a tree here with a different page from the handbook in the branches. Pick up the page to add it for your set.

Walk a couple more actions here and you will find a massive boulder. You’re are going to want to transfer this stone, but you can’t shove it with only your hands. You will need a small influence-and now we’re away to find some!

Run all of the method to the left, back to the beginning area, and then go left once again to enter another part of the map. To get this bag, you should go to the left and jump-up to the branches. When you arrive at something, click on it, and the tote will fall from it and land on the floor. You’ve found the striker, a device you should use to ignite your fire.

Keep going to the left and you will shortly come into a tree stump using an axe sticking from it. Put on your mittens (you need to keep these things on) and click the axe handle. It will come from the stump and you’ll put it in your backpack. You’ll make use of the axe handle later to pry the large boulder loose.

While you’re here, select up the fifth and final page of the survival handbook.

Run all the way to the right till you get back to the big boulder. Equip the axe handle out of your backpack and click on the boulder twice. The very first time, it will roll a little. Click on it a second time to shove it even further. It’ll drop, plus a piece will chip-off. Pick up this bit, which you will use as flint for the fire.

The other thing that happens when you roll the boulder is the fact that you’ve produced a spot on the earth that’s protected from the wind. According to the survival guide, you require this to properly construct a fire. Now you just have one difficulty: the only kindling you’ve got is wet. That won’t do! We must discover some wood that’s dry. Hey, how about searching in the cave just to the right?

After getting inside the cavern, you will discover there is a hibernating bear inside. Should you wake him, he will pursue you outside. The trick is to pay focus on the bat who enters the cavern alongside you. When he flies upward, there’s a ledge there (you will not be capable of seeing it — just jump!) and you are able to use it to cross within the sleeping bear. Drop down in another side and you will discover some dry kindling. Go straight back over the bear and abandon the cavern.

Now you have all you need to establish a fire. Visit The sheltered area to the left of the boulder and click on the fire icon in the lower-left component of your screen. Follow the fire building measures which are summarized in your survival handbook.

  • First, utilize the mittens to fully clear a garden of ground beneath the snow.
  • Next, put the tinder (the squirrel’s nest) down.
  • Afterward light the fire with the striker and tinder.
  • Now “setback” on the hearth along with your mouse cursor (drag it up and down where it claims to blow).
  • Put the dry kindling on the fire.
  • Finally, put the logs in the fire.

You’ve completed it! At this point you have a warm hearth in a sheltered area and you’ve completed Episode 1 of Survival Island. You made it!

Survival Island Crash Landing Trailer

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