Poptropica Islands

In Poptropica, most of the game takes place on one of the many Poptropica Islands. These are different islands that each have a theme. Every island is its own quest and takes anywhere from ten minutes to several hours to complete. You can play them in any order you like, and once you complete each one you earn the island medallion and credits. You can use the credits to purchase items in the Poptropica Store.

Poptropica Mystery Train Island - EngineBecause some of the islands are difficult and can take a while to play, it can help to use Poptropica walkthroughs for each of the islands. Here on PoptropicaCheats.org, we have all the walkthroughs available. They show all the cheats and secrets you need to beat each of the islands. So whether you just want to learn how to speed through Early Poptropica Island, or need some help defeating Zeus in Mythology Island, we’ve got everything you need right here!

Take a look at all of the islands.

  1. Early Poptropica
    This is the first island released by the creators of Poptropica, way back in 2007.
  2. Shark Tooth Island
    In Shark Tooth, your objective is to rescue Professor Hammerhead and a young boy who are trapped by a shark in Booga Bay.
  3. 24 Carrot Island
    Dr. Hare has been stealing all the carrots from this island. Can you stop him in time?
  4. Time Tangled Island
    You need to travel through different epochs in time to put certain items back where they belong.
  5. Super Power Island
    Look, up in the sky! It’s you! And you’re a superhero! In this quest, you need to capture several escaped super villains and bring them to justice.
  6. Spy Island
    In Spy Island, you’re a secret agent trying to infiltrate the notorious villain agency known as B.A.D.
  7. Nabooti Island
    Travel all over the continent of Africa in search of the legendary lost jewels of Nabooti.
  8. Big Nate Island
    The comic book world of Big Nate comes to life in this different-looking adventure on Poptropica.
  9. Astro Knights Island
    Considered by some to be the most difficult island quest in Poptropica, Astro-Knights has you traversing the galaxy to rescue a princess who has been kidnapped by Mordred, the Binary Bard.
  10. Counterfeit Island
  11. Reality TV Island
  12. Mythology Island
  13. Skullduggery Island
  14. Great Pumpkin Island
  15. Steamworks Island
  16. Cryptids Island
  17. Wild West Island
  18. Wimpy Wonderland
  19. Red Dragon Island
  20. Shrink Ray Island
  21. Mystery Train Island
  22. Game Show Island
  23. Ghost Story Island
  24. S.O.S. Island
  25. Vampire’s Curse Island
  26. Twisted Thicket Island
Vampire's Curse Island - Outside Bram's Castle

A scene from the recent Vampire's Curse Island