Great Pumpkin Island Items Guide

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The Great Pumpkin Island is one of the shortest and easiest Island in Poptropica so far. It’s Halloween in the Island and everybody is preparing for their Halloween party and Trick or Treating except for Linus, who is waiting for the Great Pumpkin to show. You will support him in his vision and you will get these items.

Trick or Treat Bag

The Trick or Treat Bag is the bag where you need to put candy’s when you join the trick or treat. You will receive a Bag of Candy when it’s full. But you will give this to Pig Pen who wants to join to the trick or treat but do not have a trick or treat bag. He will give another item as thank you.

How to Get the Trick or Treat Bag

At the beginning of the game, you will meet Lucy and Linus, they are looking for the heaviest Pumpkin in the farm. Once you find it, you will need to help them to get it to their house. This launches a challenging mini-game where you push a pumpkin along hills and obstacles. There are several spots where it can drop off or get hit by something and be destroyed. If the pumpkin breaks while you roll it, you’ll get sent back to a starting point (either the very beginning or the last flag marker that you passed). Then, you’ll be inside the Van Pelt house (Van Pelt is Linus and Lucy’s last name). Linus will give you a trick or treat bag.


Linus is writing a story or a mail to Great Pumpkin, and he can’t be disturbed. But if you give him his favorite Lemon Sucker, he will give you his Party Invitation. You will also get the pen when he leaves.

How to Get the Sucker

Once you got the trick or treat bag, go outside the house of Linus and you will find Pig Pen on the road, he is sad because he can’t join the trick or treat without a trick or treat bag. Give him your trick or treat bag in you backpack and he will give you a Sucker. Go back to Linus’ house and give him the Sucker.

Party Invitation

You will need the Party Invitation to join to the Great Pumpkin Island Halloween. You don’t want to miss this party because there are bunch of fun games, the first one is bobbing for apples. This is very easy. Just click on one apple at a time when they appear. As soon as you get five, you win. The next game is where you carve a pumpkin using the back of Charlie Brown’s head as a model. All you need to do here is trace the shapes of a jack-o-lantern and then you’ll see your handiwork carved on the pumpkin.

How to Get the Party Invitation

When you got the Sucker from Pig Pen, return to Linus’ house and give it to him. He’ll be happy because it’s his favorite, he’ll give you his Party Invitation since he won’t come.

Linus’ Blanket

Linus will use his blanket to top open the mailbox and mail the letter that he made to Great Pumpkin.

How to Get Linus’ Blanket

On the Main Street and you’ll find Linus next to the mailbox. He wanted to put his letter to the mail box, but he is looking for his blanket, so he can top open the mailbox and send the letter. Go back to Charlie Brown’s backyard and click on the pile of leaves that Linus jump over earlier. Move your cursor around really fast in a circular motion to blow all the leaves away and once you find a blue blanket click it and you will get Linus’ Blanket. Now go back to him on the mail box.


Give the Pen to Charlie when he wants to sign the agreement from Lucy.

How to get the Pen

When you got the Sucker from Pig Pen, return to Linus’ house and give it to him. He’ll give you the Party Invitation, and he’ll leave the Pen on his desk. Put the Pen to your backpack.



Kick the Football to get the pilot hat that’s on the tree, it’s for Snoopy. With this you will play a mini-game, where you just need to remain alive while the other plane tries to shoot you out of the sky.

How to Get the Football

You’ll find Charlie and Lucy playing football in the backyard. After he kick the football, Lucy takes it away at the last second and he falls flat on his back. They’ll leave the football behind pick up it up.

Halloween Mask

Use the Halloween Mask to enter the Halloween Party. You don’t want to miss this party because there are bunch of fun games to play.

How to Get the Halloween Mask

Once you finished the quest in trying to avoid being spotted by the searchlight with Snoopy, you’ll end up on the evening in a field. If you walk right you’ll see a Halloween mask on a scarecrow. Take the Halloween Mask off the scarecrow and walk to the right where you’ll find the entrance to the Halloween Party.

Bag of Candy

Bag of Candy

The Bag of Candy is a Trick or Treat Bag that full of candies on it, when you’re done trick or treating. You will give this to Sally, who’s a friend of Linus. She is getting angry with Linus because he promise that they will see the Great Pumpkin that night and she didn’t go to the Trick or Treat along with everyone else.

How to Get the Bag of Candy

When the Halloween party is over, everyone goes out in costume for trick-or-treating. All you really need to do here is ring the doorbell at each house and then jump up and catch one piece of candy (get a different at each house). When your candy bag is full, the trick-or-treating is over and you’ll get a Bag of Candy.