Cheats for Big Nate Island

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Big Nate Island

Big Nate Island is one of the coolest islands in Poptropica Game; it is presented in a style just like the Big Nate comic strip by Lincoln Pierce. In this game you will search for time capsule, unseen for a century to save the school on the Big Nate Island from falling apart. Follow the walkthrough below to learn how to beat Big Nate Island.

The Pieces of the Comics

In this island when you arrive go straight to your right and go inside the Klassic Komix a comic bookstore. Talk to the guy and he will ask you to help him to find all the pieces of a comic that are missing. Then go out and go you’re left, then go to the Pop-in Shoppe, you will see a comic strip on the couch.

Now go to the photo store on your right, then enter to the store and you will see a piece of comic on the lights near to your right. Then go out again and a few steps on your right, you will find another piece of a comic when you climb up the telephone. Go to your right side until you get to the school, Go inside and go upstairs, Then you see another sheet of a comic near to the wall. Then go to the Science Lab and go to your left, look to the solar system there you can find another sheet of a comic. Just get it and go out and jump on the window, you will see scaffolding on you right then you will find again a piece of a comic near to the bricks. Then get it and jump downward.

Now to the playground just jump up to go to the top and you will see a comic piece again near to the flags. Then go down and go to your right until you reach Puffin Point, and you see another sheet of a comic on the top of the roof of the lighthouse. Just look around while you’re at the top and take a look on the telescope near to the man who paints. Scroll your telescope on the right and you see another piece of a comic between the rocks. Then jump downward to your left and when you fall you will find a photograph floating, then get it.

Save the School

When you get all the pieces of the comic, get your backpack and find the comic book item and arrange the pieces that you collect on the correct order. Once you see the edge a number is there that gives you a locker combination. It is NINE THREE ZERO FIVE. Go back to the Comic Shop and enter again then talk to him, and he will give you some chewing gum for your help. After you get the chewing gum go out and go to the photo store again. Then talk to the guy and ask him to exchange you black and white photograph to a Scuba Gear. When you the Gear leave the Shop and go to your right and go inside the school. Then go back to the Science Lab and find the burner on the desk then click it. Turn it the burner to 3, and fill the half of the beaker with blue and half of yellow, once it full you will get a stink bomb.

Now get out of the Science Lab and go to your left, you will see plenty of lockers. Remember the locker combination 9305, click on the one with a stuff sticking on it. Then enter the locker combination. Once you open the lock, the locker will explodes from the stuff sticking on it. Go to the locker and the blue print of the school. On the hallway you will see a sign board No Chewing Gum. But ignore it, and get you Chewing Gum and blow a bubble, then a lady will come and will put you to detention.

Big Nate Island Science Lab

Inside the Science Lab on Big Nate Island.

Now on the detention, use the stink bomb inside your backpack, a lady will go out the room and when she’s not there go to the green cabinet on your right, then click on the files. And you will find out the secret ladder leading down, and then click it for you to go down to the ladder. Try look for a switch at the under the ladder and open it by clicking the switch. Now go on your right look for a bronze hang the hook on the bench. Get the bell clapper, it is for school bell, then go back to the ladder and go to the lighthouse.

And now you must get your Scuba Gear go to the dock and jump over the water, then click Dive when you see it.

While you are under the water you need to swim quickly because you do not have more oxygen to breath. Just keep on swimming on your right downwards. Find the lobster trap and get it. Then you will go back to the dock then swim again and look for the sailor at the dock. Give you your lobster trap and the sailor will give you a lobster, with a key on his jet ski.

Go back to the lighthouse and use your lobster on the light, it will act just like a wrench and let the light face the school. Then look again to the telescope find the guy and try to look for the paper on the big rocks.

Lighthouse on Big Nate Island

Go and jump now to the Jet Ski and the Big Nate will Jump to. And Big Nate will Challenge you to a race, you must move very far on your right to stay ahead of him and just avoid the eggs that the seagull drop. An obstacle such as buoy, and some object will appear in the water and you’ll need to jump over it.

When you already win the race on Big Nate, just jump on the top of the rock and press the two seals over on your left. And then the rock move and just jump, and go down to the rock and grab the pieces of paper that is the map to the time capsule.

And now go back to the school and jump again to the bell tower. Get your backpack and get the bell clapper, use it to ring the bell. After the bell ring, enter to the Clubhouse at the top with a signage KIDS ONLY. Click on the sheets of paper that say GO TO JAIL.

Then Big Nate will challenge you again, but this time it is easier. Solve the word and Big Nate will give u some peanut butter crackers as a prize for you. And when you get those crackers go out and go to the spot on the ground near to the girls that are standing the empty space between the two wooden boards of the structure.

Now click on the time capsule and zoom on it just click and drag, to lift it out, and then click on the yellow latch to open.

You can now get the pearl, worth enough to save the school.

A newspaper will appear with the story just click on the close button and the detention lady arrives, she will give you the island medallion. And you will get 100 credits for finishing the game.