Cheats for 24 Carrot Island

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Guide to 24 Carrot Island

24 Carrot Island is a fun quest in Poptropica where your goal to to help a town that has been robbed of all of its carrots. In this quest, you’ll match wits with the dastardly Dr. Hare, a villain who has a plan to steal all of the carrots on the island. You can complete the entire quest easily if you follow all the steps in this 24 Carrot Island Walkthrough.

Entry Area and Carrot Farm

Once you arrive by balloon on the island, jump down and go left towards the Carrot Farm. Walk past the farmer and jump up onto the roof of the house and then go down the chimney. Once you are inside, walk to the right and you’ll be able to pick up an empty bowl. Go back up through the chimney to get outside of the house. Head to the right to return to Main Street. Walk a few paces to the right and then go inside the restaurant, called the Carrot King Diner. If you speak with the waitress inside the diner, she can fill the empty bowl that you found inside the farmhouse with milk. Now that you have a bowl full of milk, return to the Carrot Farm and then go back into the house through the chimney once again.

Once you’re inside, keep walking to the right. When you pass the place where you found the empty bowl, you will bend down and place the full bowl on the floor. Head all the way to the right and then go up to the second floor. Walk to the left until you reach the tub at the far end. Turn on the water. A little cat will leap out from the tub. Walk slowly behind him to “chase” him downstairs and then follow him there. The cat will be very happy to see the bowl of milk and will drink it. The cat will become very friendly to you and will follow you wherever you go. Once again, go outside the farmhouse and the cat will follow you. Next go right to return to Main Street.

Inside the Bathroom in 24 Carrot Island

About to surprise the cat with a little cold water.

Walk all the way to the right until you arrive at Charlie’s store. Once you are inside the store, you’ll see someone standing by the counter. Tell her you found her cat his name is Whiskers and then she will give you a crowbar.

Go back outside and run to the right. Go to the next area, called the Factory. When you get there, keep running to the right. Jump up the left side of the factory to the roof and you will find the Vent Blueprint. It can help you navigate the vents inside the factory if you get a little lost. Go down the other side of the factory and you’ll find a passage with a grate on it. Click on the grate covering the pipe. You’ll use the crowbar to open it up. Then go inside.

24 Carrot Island Vent Map

The vent map can help you navigate the factory in 24 Carrot Island

Going Inside the Factory

Run left through the pipe and pick up the Carrot Transporter. You won’t really need this either, but it’s cool to have. Now jump up the left side of the pipe and then right to the right back over the valves that open and shut. To get past this section, just stand near the edge and be patient. Start running just as they’re closing and do one at a time. Some of them are tricky because they open and shut pretty fast.

Keep going and you’ll see a giant rat. To avoid him, jump up into the section of pipe above your head. You can go down the other side and keep going left. Go up through the top and you’ll arrive in a dark room.

What to Do Inside the Factory

Machine Room

Walk a few steps to the left and you’ll find yourself standing beside the master engine panel. You’ll see three levers on the engine, all of which are in the up position. Move the left lever so that it is midway between up and down. You will see that the green light over the lever will illuminate. Move the middle lever all the way down and the right lever to the same position in between up and down as you did with the lever on the left. Once you have all three levers in the correct positions, the main lights in the room turn on and the engine begins to move.

Jump up onto the boxes over on the right side of the room. Next get up to the left onto the platform and then on top of the barrels. Next leap up onto the mechanical arm as it passes by. When you arrive at the platform on the right, leap off and go into the open vent.


The vent is a series of passageways that connect the different rooms in the Factory. It’s pretty easy to get through and if you get stuck you can just use the vent blueprints that you found outside. Head down and to the left and keep going until you see part of the passageway that is covered in ice. Go through the icy passageway and back down the other side After a few more steps you’ll see some wire cutters on the floor. Run over them to pick them up. Keep going down and to the right and you will arrive at another grate in the vent. Click on the grate to go through to the next room.

The Security System

You’ll arrive on a platform with a sign that says Security System and where the word enabled is lit up. Drop down onto the floor of this room. A security robot will fly in and zap you. After you are zapped in a blinding flash of white light, you’ll end up in a brand new room in the factory. You’ll see a panel above and to the right marked as the security system. Click on the panel and then use the wire cutters to cut all three wires and shut down the security system. Go up to the right and you’ll see a grate you can go through to get back into the vent passages.

Packing Room

Jump up into the vent and head up and to the right. Very soon, you’ll arrive at another grate. Head into this room. You need to jump through a few open chutes where carrot crates come flying through. Stand on the edge of each chute and wait for the crates to stop falling before proceeding to the next one. At each chute, a different number of crates fall in groups. It’s not too difficult to determine the patterns if you are patient as you go past. When you get past the chutes, go to the right and drop to the floor. then head over to the left of the room.

Soon you’ll find a girl wearing a set of metal rabbit ears and strange swirly glasses. Click on her and say, “Hey, What’s that behind you?” You’ll see a close-up of the top of the rabbit ears. There’s a little power button in the middle. Press that to turn the ears off and the girl will no longer be under their hypnotic power. She will get a printout from the giant machine that gives you the system password for the computer which is: fuzzybunny. Next go to the left and return to the grate that you entered the room from. Click on it to go back into the vents.

Back to the Security Robot Room

Next you want to return to the security room. This is the place where the robot zapped you.

Because you disabled the security system, the robot will not bother you. Head for the door in the bottom right corner. There’s a sign there that says only Authorized Bunny Drones can enter. You’re not an authorized bunny drone so you’ll fall through a trap door that appears when you try to pass through the door. That’s ok, we’re about to take care of that. You will land in a new factory room. Drop down to the left and you will end up on a moving conveyer belt. Move to the right, taking care to not get squished by the carrot smashing presses in this room. There’s also some hot carrot juice that comes out that will burn you if you get hit. After you avoid these obstacles, leap up onto the platform and you’ll spot a mechanical bunny ears hat just like the girl in the other room was wearing. Pick it up to put it in your backpack. Go ahead and put them on now and then go through the Exit.

Next you’ll return to the secuirty robot room. Go back to the large security door. Now that you’re wearing the ears, you’ll be able to pass through.

The Villain Dr. Hare

When you arrive in the next area, you’ll see the villain Dr. Hare. Thinking you’re one of his rabbit ear wearing drones, he’ll give you commands to start the launch of his rocket. Leap up onto the rocket. You’ll see a big platform on the right. It has a computer and there is a technician standing next to it. He’s wearing the drone ears. Click on him and say, “Look, a giant bunny!” You’ll zoom in on his ears. Press the power button to turn them off. Next click on the computer. It will ask you for the password, which is fuzzybunny. It will then ask you to enter a command. The command is on a sticky note on the computer and it is launch rabbot. Make sure you spell it just like that. It’s rabbot and not rabbit. Rabbot is the name of the robot spaceship.

Next, the rocket will launch and you can control it using the computer. Now you want to try and crash the spaceship by moving it into the path of the oncoming asteroids. Crash it into four asteroids to destroy the spaceship and send Dr. Hare into the depths of space. You did it! Now follow the guy up the rope and out of the factory.

End of 24 Carrot Island

The mayor is happy after you save 24 Carrot Island from Dr. Hare.

You’ll emerge again in Main Street and everyone here is happy and busy repairing the town. Walk to the left where you’ll find the Mayor of 24 Carrot Island. He’ll give you the medallion for completing the island and saving the town.