Cheats for S.O.S Island

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Poptropica has announced a sneak peak of the newest Island coming early 2012. S.O.S stands for Save Our Ship – the Island story takes in place on a scene more like the Titanic the movie. Titanic is the name of the luxury cruise that sank after hitting an iceberg almost one hundred years ago. The story was revived by one of the survivor of the ship and it became one of the famous movies ever made starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Based on the information given by Poptropica, the version of SOS Island is actually a ship which name is the Pequod, just a little bit trivia – Pequod is the name of the famous fishing ship on the Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Just like the sneak peeks mentioned about the game, a whale-watching pleasure cruise becomes a disaster scene as the cruise sinks deep to the sea of North Atlantic and your task is to rescue everyone onboard before it’s too late. Until now, there are only limited information that we’ve been able to see in the sneak peeks and screenshots. But once the game is live, we will be posting the walkthrough on how to bit SOS Island, so watch out!

Here are the video walkthroughs for Poptropica S.O.S. Island, courtesy of Fierce Moon at

Part 3 is the bonus quest for Members only.

Written Walkthrough for S.O.S Island

Finding the Entrance
You’ll arrive to the island where you will find the ship sinking and the passengers are crying. The ship crew will talk to you and ask for help. He said that there are people trapped inside and you need to help them rescue. A mini game will start in an instant. It said “The ship has struck an iceberg and is sinking! Rescue all the passengers onboard to win the S.O.S. Island Medallion.” Press the START button.
Try to jump on the left to get to the top of the ship, but you can’t reach to the top because it’s too slippery. So try to swim to the left and jump through the ice platform and over the broken boats beside the ship. The water is too cold so try to get out to the water quickly. Jump to the ship to get to the top of it, then run to the right, look for a big block of ice at the edge of the platform and push it to the left to fall to the entrance door, this will allow the door to be open.
Meeting the Captain in the Bridge
Now jump to the Entrance Door, inside you will find two doors at the top of the ladder. Enter to the bridge door which is on the left side. You will find the captain inside he’ll tell you that he cannot leave the ship because the captain always goes down with the ship. He’ll tell you how to open all the emergency door controls, you just need to turn the knob to green at the Emergency Console. When you do this, the Emergency Doors on Lower Decks are now open. You can now leave the room.
Walk to left and select the Number 6 door. There is a lady asking for help because she was trap with the things that fell down on her. Click on her to get off all the junk to her. Talk to her to get out to the ship. The next scene will be outside, she was the whale caller and she’ll give you a Whale Song Gadget.
The Ship Takes on Water
You will see that the ship is slowly sinking to the water, so there’s no time to lose! Get back to the ship and look for more passengers. Go to the left and you’ll see that the entrance has got down and there is already water inside. Swim inside and find the Ballroom Door. Push the box that’s hindering the door and enter to the room. You will see a lady at the ceiling asking for help. Jump to the cafeteria and take one vodka bottle and run to the right. You will need to throw the cup of bottle to the glass to make it crack and the water release and the water level will reaches to the lady. Do this again on the glass on the other side. Now, it’s time to move the lady to the door, this is a bit tricky because it’s hard to save the girl because she’s afraid and you will have to push her to the edge of the room till she reaches to the door. Once you get her, things take a turn for the worse.
Things take a turn for the worse…
The next scene, you’re outside again and you will see that the ship is turning upside down so you should head back to the ship right away. Go back to the ship, jump over the iceberg to get to the ship. You will need to jump to the top of the ship. There is an open edge where you can enter to the ship. You will fall to the water, look for the knob that you can turn so that the water will increase, because the box is hindering the entrance. Inside, swim to the top do not forget that you have a time limit of air and you need to find air again. Just swim top and jump to get to the top. You will find a tube maze, this is a simple tube-maze where you just need to turn each arrow so that the water will flow to the red tube and make it crash. When it does, an engine will fall and you can jump over it to get to the top entrance. Jump to the top will you find a boy on the alarm light. He’ll tell you to be careful because you cannot get through the stream. And there is stream beside him that’s why he can’t get out you need to reduce the pressure of the stream where it’s coming from. He will turn the valve and you need to get to the other side of the valve before the pressure build up. Wait for the pressure (color blue running to the pipes) to the next valve, now there 3 remaining valves over the room where you need to find. When you find them all the stream will disappear and you can save the boy.
The next scene was you were outside and the boy will give you pipe wrench.
The ship takes a nose dive…
Now you’ll see that the ship is continue sinking, go back to where you entered. Inside is a mess, be careful with the steam, go to the bottom of the room. You can find babbles and steam air that you can use to extend your oxygen time. Find your way to get to the exit door at the top of the room. You will find a Freezer Door entrance, go in and click on the boxes, there is a guy chilled inside. Push him out to the room. This time, because he is on the square ice, you will need to ready the path so that you can push him through. Make your way to the bottom of the room where you can the oven to thaw him out from ice. The next scene you are outside the ship.
Things are looking down…
This time the ship is going upside down, hurry back you still need to save the captain! This time it’s easy to go in because the hole that was on the top is just on the front now. But all is in water right now so be aware with your oxygen level, you can you steams and bubbles to refill your oxygen. But be careful with the sharks (they look like sharks but their just fish), crabs and jelly fish that could strike you. Go all the way to the right where you can find an exit door. If you can still remember where you found the captain, he’s still there, but it’s just upside down. You will find the captain at the room where there are crabs. When you find him, use your Whale Song Gadget and the Pipe wrench to call the whale. Turn the gadget to the whale icon and the whale will take the captain and you and release you to the surface of the water.
Right there and then the captain will give you his Captain’s Medallion that you deserve by saving everyone! Congratulation!