Cheats for Shark Tooth Island

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Shark Tooth Island is a really easy and fast quest in Poptropica. It’s one of the first islands and is as easy to beat as Early Poptropica if you follow this simple guide. In Shark Tooth Island, you are supposed to help the islanders who are being terrorized by a giant shark that lives in Booga Bay. You also need to rescue a young boy and Professor Hammerhead, who are trapped on an island in the bay. But to get to them you need to figure out how to get past the big shark. To finish the island and get your medallion, along with 100 credits, just follow this guide with all the Poptropica cheats for Shark Tooth Island.

Medicine Man in Shark Tooth Island

  1. As soon as you arrive, take a few steps and talk to the guy at the coconut stand. He will give you some coconut milk.
  2. Run to the right past all teh buildings and go to the Ancient Ruins.
  3. Go a little furhter to the right and go inside the temple in the middle.
  4. Jump on the platforms and head to the left while avoiding the purple bats that try to knock you over.
  5. At the top left, you’ll find a closed door with a panel. Click on the panel to bring it up. To open the door, you need to press the correct shark tooth buttons and then press the nose.
  6. The correct buttons to push (from left to right) are the third, fourth, sixth and seventh teeth.
  7. The door will open and you can go through to the left.
  8. In the next room, drop all the way to the bottom. Then jump up and over the golden shark statue. Drop down to the bottom on the left side and run through the hall to the end.
  9. Here you will find the Old Bone. Grab it and run out to the golden statue again.
  10. Jump up the statue while avoiding the caterpillar and then jump on the platform.
  11. You’ll come to a pit with spikes in it. Wait for the platform to come across and then jump on it.
  12. Go into the hallway and to the next area.
  13. In this room, just jump down to the floor and run to the left. Up on a pedestal you will find the Key Ingredient.
  14. Climb up the vine above the pedestal and exit the temple.
  15. You’ll emerge outside the Coconut Cafe near the beginning. Run to the right and go back to the Ancient Ruins.
  16. Run all the way to the right and follow the sign to Booga Bay.
  17. Talk to the guy wearing the grass skirt at the stand. He will give you a grass skirt. Put it on.
  18. Go back to the Ancient Ruins.
  19. Run and jump over the big square stone block. Then push it to the right so it is under the vine.
  20. Jump up the vine and climb up the tree while avoiding the coconuts.
  21. When you get to the top, talk to the Medicine Man. He will take the three ingredients from you and then mix a potion. He’ll give you the potion.
  22. Jump down to the right and when you get to the ground, run right to Booga Bay.
  23. Cross over the water until you get to a small island. You’ll see a sign that says, Feed the Shark. Click on the machine.
  24. Aim the cannon at the water and click it. It will shoot the potion into the water. Then the big shark will jump out and swallow it. It will fall asleep.
  25. Run to the right and cross the water to get to the next island, where you’ll find Professor Hammerhead and the boy. You have rescued them!
  26. Run back to where the guy with the grass skirt and the crying lady are standing. When you get there the lady will thank you for rescuing her son and Professor Hammerhead will give you the island medallion. You’ll also earn 100 credits.
Shark Tooth Island Panel

Click on these teeth to open the secret door in Poptropica Shark Tooth Island.

Fun Things About Shark Tooth Island

Fruit Bat Man

Deep in the temple, up on one of the platforms, you will find a guy dressed as a fruit bat. He’s pretty weird but you can talk to him and learn a little about who he is and why he is there.

Shark Boy

You don’t need to go into the museum to finish the island, but if you do you’ll get to meet the famous Shark Boy. He’s a really unhappy guy dressed as a shark. You can talk to him and learn a lot about sharks while you’re in the museum. Remember you can use the costumizer on him to get your own shark outfit. Shark Boy is a regular contributor to the official Poptropica blog!

Shark Boy

Shark Boy in the museum in Shark Tooth Island