Cheats for Shrink Ray Island

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Poptropica Shrink Ray Island

In Shrink Ray Island, a young genius has created the ultimate science fair project: a Shrink Ray Gun! But a thief has stolen it and then shrinks you down to miniature size. You need to figure out who the thief is, how to rescue the young scientist, and how to return to full size again. In this quest, you’ll spend most of your time inside the apartment of the young scientist, looking for clues about who the thief is. In this complete walkthrough, with all the cheats for Shrink Ray Island, you’ll learn how to solve everything step-by-step.

Shrink Ray Island arrived for members to play on June 30, 2011. Non-members will get to play about one month later. Before the island became available, there was a sneak preview with a mini-game called Shrink Shot.

Shrink Ray Island Walkthrough

  • When you first arrive on the island, you’ll drop down from the blimp and onto a slide. Run to the right and go into the school.
  • Keep going right and go through the doors into the science fair.
  • Check out all the cool science fair projects and walk all the way to the right. You’ll see a teacher standing next to an empty exhibit. Talk to the teacher.
  • The teacher is named0 Mr. Silva and he’s worried about his star pupil, CJ. She’s missing. Her parents are standing there too. Talk to them and they’ll tell you to look in their apartment on Avenue A.
  • Leave the school and go right to Avenue A. You’ll find CJ’s apartment there. You’ll see an orange cat outside the door.
  • Go inside and the cat will follow you in. Follow the cat around and you’ll get a good look at the apartment. It’s a pretty messy place.
  • The cat will disappear and the door will be closed. That’s strange! Now look for clues. First, head into CJ’s bedroom on the left.
  • Click on the microscope on her desk and you’ll see she left a note saying that her invention was stolen.
  • A masked man will appear and he has the shrink ray gun. You’ll try to escape, but he corners you and shrinks you down to miniature size. Oh no!
  • Now begins the main part of this island quest, where you explore the apartment in shrunken size and try to figure out how to escape and rescue CJ.
  • First go to the kitchen all the way on the right. You’ll see a remote on top of the fridge, but it’s tricky to get to.
  • Run to the right and jump up onto the open drawers. You’ll find a screwdriver in the top drawer.
  • Jump up onto the counter and run to the right to go to the next part of the kitchen.
  • Push the rolling pin so that it knocks the teapot onto the right burner. Then jump up into the steam, which will lift you onto the shelf with the flour and sugar bowls.
  • Push the bottle of oil onto its side so that it starts dripping down.
  • Jump down to the floor and push the cat food bowl under the dripping oil. Then jump up to the shelf and jump up and down on the cat food bag a few times to make the food fall out.
  • Drop back down to the floor and then push the cat food bowl to the right. Jump up on top of the food and then onto the table.
  • Run to the right and pick up the paper. Then pick up a purple grape which you will be carrying.
  • Run with the grape all the way back to the left (to the other kitchen area).
  • Plug in the toaster. While carrying the grape, jump onto the lever on the toaster. Wait for it to pop you up to the next shelf
  • Push the salt shaker to the left so it is on the spatula handle. Then jump up onto the cup with spoons. Then jump down onto the other end of the spatula and wait. The salt shaker will rise and fall, catapulting you up onto the top of the refrigerator.
  • Grab the remote control and then jump down to the floor. Then run left back into the living room.

…to be continued

Screenshots and More

Here are some early screenshots that the creators posted before the island was released.

Shrink Ray Island Science Fair

Check out the chocolate volcano at the Shrink Ray Island science fair.

Shrink Ray Island Thermostat

You get pretty small in Shrink Ray Island on Poptropica.