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Here is the complete walkthrough for Poptropica Spy Island. In Spy Island, you’re a secret agent on a mission to infiltrate the criminal organization B.A.D. and find out what they’re up to. Then you need to stop their terrible plot. Also, you’ll need to rescue three other agents who have gone before you and failed to complete the mission. Get your spy gear ready and follow the step-by-step guide below to beat Spy Island in Poptropica!

Poptropica Cheats for Spy Island

Meeting Director D & getting the Decoder Kit

Go right arriving at the spy island and go inside the Headquaters, you will see a platform and jump over till you get to the top platform where you find Director D, ask him if he has anything for you and he’ll give a Decoder Kit, then go down and exit to the building.

    Eye Exam

    Continue moving right till you get to the Spy Glass Eyewear. Find a guy that standing beside an eye chart and ask him to have you an eye exam. On the exam, choose the opposite of the symbol, by this you are giving him a signal that you are an agent and he will meet you upstairs.

      Chameleon Suit

      1. To follow the guy, go outside the building and then jump up, you will see a small door in the upper left. Go inside and you will find the eye exam guy. Talk to him and he’ll reveal that he’s the scientist for secret operations. He’ll give you a special item that he has just developed: the chameleon suit. Put on the suit on and you’ll blend into the background whenever you are standing still. Leave this room and run left through Main Street and go inside the Docks.
      2. On the docks, find your way to go up, there will be guard walking around, if you saw one, do not move to make you invincible.  Run across the roof until you reach a small doorway. Then go inside.

      Rescuing the first agent and getting a laser pen

      Inside the room goes down through the floors, avoid the dogs by standing. When you get to the bottom-left corner of the room, you can drop down an opening into a smaller room. The first secret agent is lying on the floor and tied up with rope click on him to set him free. He’ll give you a laser pen, which can cut through certain types of metal. He’ll also give you a satellite clue card before he runs off.

      B.A.D. Bistro

      Get out of the hole by jumping out through the hole in the roof and this time run to the right along the floor until you reach the exit. Then go through and you’ll be back out on the docks. Run back to the right to Main Street.  Run right through Main Street to Balding Avenue. Then keep going until you get to the B.A.D. Bistro. If you’re still wearing your chameleon suit, it will automatically be removed when you enter to this room. Go through the restaurant past the B.A.D. operatives at the table and go into the kitchen and talk to the chef and apply for the job.

      B.A.D. Bistro in Spy Island

      Inside the B.A.D. Bistro in Spy Island.

      Applying as a Chef

      You need to take a test before you get hire. You should just need to remember the order of ingredients that the chef points to with his wooden spoon. After you pass the test, you’ll be hired and get a chef hat. Put it on. Then go back out to the table and talk to the B.A.D. operatives. One of them will ask you fill up his glass. He’ll give you a wine glass that has his fingerprint on it. Run back into the kitchen and then jump up above the stove into an opening in the ceiling. Leap across the lights hanging down to cross back over the restaurant area without the B.A.D. operatives seeing you leave with the glass. When you reach the end, drop back down and then leave the restaurant.

      Secret Message

      Outside, go to the right and you will see a guy in the bushes wearing camouflage. Talk to him and he’ll give you a folder called File X. Open up your backpack and examine the file. Slide the paper back into the file so that only one row of letters can be seen. You can now read a secret message from top to bottom that says: Don’t Trust Director D.

      Rescuing the second agent

      Oops! Could Director D be a double agent? We’ll soon find out. Continue going to the right to Toupee Terrace. You’ll come to a house with an alarm system on all the windows. Keep jumping up the windows and side ledges while avoiding the lights that turn on. Go all the way up ad across the house until you get to the roof. At the very top of it there is a gate, use the laser pen to cut the metal bars, then go inside and you will find the next again that is tied up.

      Grappling Bow-Tie

      Release him and he’ll give you a grappling bow-tie, this tie is so cool it can swing from building to building with ease (like Spiderman). He’ll also give you another piece of the Satellite Clues.

      To get to the Third Spy

      On Balding Avenue, use your grapple bowtie to jump up the building to the right of the Grease Monkey garage. There, you can enter the “Rooftops”. From there, you put on your Chameleon Suit and grapple left to the next building, which is guarded and has lasers to keep you from going up. Instead, go farther left to the red building, and climb that one. At the top, you can grapple right to get to the tower. Enter the tube to rescue the third spy from the Greenhouse.

      Rescue the Third Spy

      Take off the Grappling Bow-tie. Go past the cage where the Spy is being held, and to the bottom right of the greenhouse. Find the Cherry Bomb tree and get a Cherry Bomb. You must act quickly because the bomb will explode in about 40 seconds. Push it left onto the Trampoline Plant, which will throw it up to the right. Avoid the carnivorous plants and climb up to where it landed. Push it left again, onto the second Trampoline Plant, which will throw it up and left, near the cage. Jump up and push it closer before it explodes.  The third spy will give you the Ultra Vision Goggles, which can see lasers. Once you have obtained the Fingerprint from the Bistro B.A.D. agent, you can enter the B.A.D. control station to the right of Toupee Terrace.

      To the Greenhouse

      1. Jump up to the top of the roof and stand on the very edge over on the left. Click on the bow-tie again and aim at about a 30 degree angle to the left. The bow-tie should attach to the radio tower with red lights on it. You’ll jump all the way to it. It can be tricky to land on it cleanly, so if you miss, just keep using your bow-tie to get yourself to the very top of the radio tower. Once there, aim your bow-tie out to the right at about a 20 degree angle and you should end up on another glass rooftop. There’s a metal air vent up here. Click on it to go inside to the big greenhouse.
      2. Move along to the right and you will see a cherry bomb tree with a large cherry bomb growing in it. Click on the cherry bomb to make it drop. The fuse starts push it quickly to the left onto the top of the plant nearby. This is a spring plant and it will shoot the cherry up onto the platform above. Use your bow-tie to jump up there as well. Push the cherry bomb again to the left until it drops down. Then push it on the next plant and follow it up. Now push it in front of the door to a cage where another fellow agent is being held captive. Wait for the bomb to explode and destroy the door then click on the agent inside. She’ll give you some ultra vision goggles and the remaining piece of the satellite clues. Then she takes off.
      3. Put on the ultra vision goggles and then drop down to the left and exit the greenhouse. Jump down and off to the right until you land on the ground in Balding Avenue. Head right again to Toupee Terrace and run past the house with the security alarms. Go all the way to the right through a hole in a fence with a sign saying that it’s the B.A.D. control center.

      Laser Zone

      This zone has a series of lasers that you need to avoid by timing your moves across. To avoid them, first go all the way to the right and then go up the slanted side of the building. You’ll get to a moving platform, jump on it and then go to the left onto another platform that goes from left to right. This part is kind of tricky. Jump again on the left and then up to the platform above. There’s a door there with a fingerprint scanner. Use the wine that has a fingerprint on it to sneak inside. Jump up while avoiding the lasers until you get to a platform with computers.

      Laser Hair Removal

      You’ll get locked inside a cage and then Director D will come out and save you. But he’ll ask you to get the teleporter working. Use the satellite clues and place each clue on top of each other. They’ll spell out a code: LASER HAIR REMOVAL. Enter those three words one by one into the computer. The teleporter will turn on and then Director D will step inside. Follow him through the teleporter.

      Director D True Identity

      Director D will reveal two things: one, he’s wearing a hair wig and two he’s behind the B.A.D. organization. He’s got control of his satellite back and plans to vaporize the hair off everyone in Poptropica. He’ll step inside his rocket and then some mini-bot robots will appear out of the wall.

      Battle with Mini-bot Robot

      Use your bow-tie grappling hook skills to the max! Your aim is to lure the mini-bots into the gold power spheres located around the room. The first two are really easy because they’re on the ground. The next two are tough, because they’re up high. Tip: place yourself on the opposite side of the sphere from the mini-bot. It will go on a straight line to get you but electrocute itself when it hits the sphere.

      Fight Director D

      When all mini-bots are destroyed, Director D comes after you use the same technique from mini-bots and try to get him to smash his ship into the ceiling several times while avoiding him. Once he smashes up his ship, he’ll surrender and be put in prison.

      Congratulations! You’ve now beaten Spy Island and will receive the island medallion for your heroic efforts. Good work, agent!


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      the chameleon suit is easy all u do is click on oppisite letter liike Eis3 MisW and keep clicin the back or forwerds leetterr

      the strangemystery

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      i can’t get up on the shocki building thing im asome call me 920-657-479

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      lolman May 29, 2011 at 10:37 am

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      I did the ingredients in the order that the chef gave me but the chef said that that wasn’t the order of the ingredients. I am not happy with Poptropica Cheats and I will not visit Spy Island again.

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      I cant get in the tower >.< someone help

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      climbing the windows was frustrating and i almost screamed

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