Cheats for Vampire’s Curse Island

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Vampire's Curse Island

The 25th Island in Poptropica is called Vampire’s Curse Island, and as you can probably guess from the name, it has a lot to do with vampires. Specifically, a Dracula-inspired vampire named Count Bram who has kidnapped a local village girl named Katya. Your mission is to rescue her and in the process, come up with a way to get rid of the vampire’s curse. Along the way, you’ll fight werewolves and explore Count Bram’s dark and desolate castle.

Video Walkthrough

I’m making my own video and written walkthrough for Vampire’s Curse Island, but in the meantime take a peek at Fierce Moon’s video walkthroughs from her Poptropica cheats for Vampire’s Curse Island page.

Vampire’s Curse Written Walkthrough

    • Once you arrive by blimp, there’s a woman crying. Talk to her and she’ll let you know that her daughter is missing. This will start your quest and you’ll see a message telling you that two teenagers have been kidnapped by the vampire Count Bram. Your main objective is to explore the castle and locate them.
    • Walk right, stopping to talk to the villagers to learn more about the missing teenagers. Keep going until you arrive in the next zone, the Cliffs.
    • Christopher the boyfriend is here, sitting on the rocks. His sotry is that his girlfriend was kidnapped by Count Bram. He’s not interested in helping with the rescue and runs back to town to meet other cute girls.
    • Leap up and to the right to get to the top of the cliffs. Suddenly you’ll start shaking and a werewolf appears on your left. He runs after you and knocks you down.
    • Go to the tree with a hole in it and click it to hide inside the tree trunk.
    • Soon the werewolf will run by looking for you. Click on the big tree branch to the left to smack him and knock him over.
    • Click on the tree trunk again to come back outside.
    • Walk right and jump up the stairs. Next, jump across the ropes to the left.
    • You’ll get to a tree branch and another werewolf will appear and knock you down. You will both fall.
    • You’ll crash at the bottom but get a nice surprise: a log, which goes into your backpack.
    • Head up the stairs and go left via the ropes one more time.
    • Another werewolf comes running past and then runs off to the right. He stops on the rope bridge and guards it, stopping you from passing.
    • Cut the ropes to the bridge by clicking on it. You will both fall down. Just use the bridge as a ladder and jump up it to get to the top of the cliff.
    • Run a little bit further to the right to enter the next zone, the Castle Grounds.
    • You’re standing in a graveyard. Click on the tombstones to read them if you like. Soon you’ll see a large one with an open door. Go inside this area, called the Masoleum.
    • Grab the teen vampire novel and the crowbar from inside the tomb and then head back outside.
    • Run to the right past a statue and stop when you get to the ditch. Look to the left where there is a building with a drainpipe/downspout attached to the side.
    • Click on the downspout pipe to remove it from the building. You’ll be carrying it. Walk a few steps to the right so that you are just next to the gargoyle statue, and then click the pipe again to drop it.
    • Next, jump up on top of the red lever. Pushing the handle down causes the statue to spit water out from its mouth. The water will land in the drainpipe and then flow into the ditch, filling it completely.
    • Next, simply swim through the water and jump out on the other side. There’s a stone arch here. Walk through it to get to the next zone.
    • Now you’ll see a bunch of large boulders on the ground. There are three. Push the first one you see to the left so that it goes on top of one of the holes where water is spraying out. This blocks the hole and makes the water go higher from the other three holes.
    • Remember that crowbar in your backpack? Use it to pry the next boulder loose and then move it over the next hole. The water pressure builds in the two open holes and it shoots even higher.
    • Jump up to the right and walk on the platform until you find the third boulder. Push it down and then push it over the third hole. Now the water is shooting really high!
    • Jump into the water spout and let it carry you up to the window ledge above.
    • Walk through the opening in the window to go inside.
    • It’s really dark here but there’s a fireplace with embers still burning. To get the fire going again, use the teen vampire romance novel and the log.
    • Find the ladder and push it so that it’s in front of the bookcase on the left.
    • Grab one of the pink candles in the basket next to the fireplace and then light it with the fire.
    • Climb up the ladder, move to the left and jump up to the platform above and to the left. Jump again onto the small platform and then up and to the right onto the chandelier. The candle will light the chandelier and then burn out.
    • Return to the main floor and take another candle from next to the fireplace. Only this time, don’t light the candle with the fireplace. Go back to the first chandelier and it will light while you’re standing on it.
    • The second chandelier is up and to the right from the first one. Jump up there. Stand in the middle to light it with your candle.
    • Do this all over again for the remaining two chandeliers in the room. When all four have been lit, the room lights up completely and you can see everything.
    • Jump down to the floor and walk over to the bookshelf on the left. Go pick up the small green glass eye on the floor next to it.
    • Once more, climb up the ladder to the top of the bookshelf. You’ll see a mounted tiger’s head on the wall. One of the eyes in the tiger’s head is missing, so use the glass eye from your backpack to put it in. The tiger’s mouth opens, revealing a key. Click on the key, which opens the door to the Armory.
    • The armory door is a small wooden door on the left side of the room. Use the key to unlock it and you’ll be inside the armory.
    • As soon as you enter, there’s a crossbow on the wall. Jump up to add it to your backpack. Walk a few more steps to the left until you come up to a cannon. Pick up one of the three cannonballs on the ground and then click on the cannon to load it with the cannonball.
    • Go back into the library and take one more candle. Light it in the fireplace.
    • Walk to the left and stand next to the cannon. Click on it to light it with the candle. It will shoot the cannonball out the window and the force of the shot makes the cannon flip around and point the other way.
    • Load the second cannonball into the cannon. Return to the Great Hall to get another candle and light it in the fireplace.
    • Return to the Armory and walk up to the cannon. Light it again. This time, the cannonball shoots out to the right and rolls into the library room.
    • The cannon is now pointing straight up. Pick up the third cannonball and load it into the cannon.
    • Next return to the Great Hall. You’ll see the cannonball on the floor. Push it until it stops in front of the fire. The cannonball gets hot from the fire. It is too hot to touch with your bare hands.
    • Get the poker that is leaning on the wall next to the fireplace. Use it to push the hot cannonball to the left. It will roll into the open dumbwaiter.
    • Take one more candle from the basket next to the fireplace and light it. Go back inside the Armory and light the cannon one last time. It will shoot the cannonball up through the ceiling.
    • Jump up on the cannon and then into the room above, where you’ll find a bucket. Put it in your backpack.
    • Go back down and into the library. Keep moving right until you reach the large door that is locked with chains. You’ll use the handy crowbar you got in the Masoleum again. Pry open the chains with it.
    • Step outside and then use the bucket in your backpack while standing next to the water spout. The bucket will fill up.
    • Head back inside and return to the Armory. Then jump up on top of the cannon.
    • Equip your crossbow and point it up to the wall on your left. Using the space bar, shoot repeatedly to create a ladder of arrows going up and down the wall.
    • Quickly jump up from arrow to arrow until you reach the small room at the very top.
    • Use the crowbar to open the boarded window and then use the filled bucket of water on the plant. It will grow huge very quickly and bust out of the window and over the side of the castle.
    • Go outside the window and head up the steps to the right. Once you get to the base of the tower, jump up on the leaves of the giant beanstalk, using them as steps.
    • Go through the window and enter the tower. You are now in Count Bram’s lab and he’s been very busy working on something.
    • Take a few steps to the right and click on the lever next to the dumbwaiter. The cannonball you put inside earlier will roll out and stop at the bottom of the flask of wolfsbane. Wait patiently, and the heat coming off the cannonball will cause the wolfsbane to wilt.
    • Next click on the wilted wolfsbane to pick it up and add it to your inventory. Next, get the notebook on the desk and jump up onto the shelves to get the garlic.
    • Go out of the laboratory through the wooden door and cross the top of the castle wall to the next tower.
    • You’re now inside the count’s chamber. Jump onto the top of the coffin and next jump up to the left. Jump up to the right to land on the cage that’s hanging. Katya is locked inside. Talk to her and she’ll tell you what has happened. She’ll also tell you to find a book in the library to help you get the third ingredient for the serum. Leave for now to the right, falling all the way to the ground outside. Go back into the library through the door.
    • Push the ladder over to the bookshelf on the right side. Climb up and grab the book titled, Root Causes. Inside, it has a picture of where to find the mandrake root.
    • Go outside and proceed through the stone arch to the castle grounds.
    • Walk to the right and you’ll see a wooden wall. Use the crossbow again to shoot arrows into it and jump up them until you get to a stone ledge above you. Here is the mandrake root.
    • Go all the way back to the laboratory and then click on the microscope.
    • Use the eyedropper to mix the ingredients and then put them on the cells. The correct ratio is one drop mandrake, three drops wolfsbane, and three drops garlic extract.
    • You’ll get a new item in your backpack: an anti-vampirism serum syringe. Go out the door and return to Bram’s chamber.
    • Walk to the right and you’ll see a small gate. Click on the sparkling rod in the umbrella bucket. Use it to hook the key inside the gate.
    • Jump up to the cage again. Using the key you just retreived, you can unlock it and free Katya.
    • Soon, Count Bram returns and Katya will help you escape him.
    • Follow Katya and use the garlic to keep Count Bram away from you. Once you reach the top of the castle, Katya hands you the serum, which is loaded onto your crossbow.
    • Aim your crossbow at Bram and shoot him with the serum. He will knock you down inside the library.
    • Count Bram turns back into a human and thanks you for saving him. He then disappears into dust and rejoins his long-lost love, Annabelle, in the portrait above.
    • Katya’s boyfriend Christopher bursts into the room claiming he’s here to save Katya. They kiss.
    • You pick up the island medallion from the ground, where Count Bram’s cape is. Great job! You finished Vampire’s Curse.

    There were a few updates posted on the official Poptropica Blog when the island was announced, and it includes a link to the official info page for the new island. It shows the new trailer for Vampire’s Curse Island and reveals a few important details, including the following description of the quest.

    For centuries, a truce has existed between the people of a remote mountain village, and the vampire who lives in the castle high above. Now, that truce is shattered, and Count Bram has captured a young villager. Can you rescue her from his evil clutches — and avoid being struck by the vampire’s curse?

    Take a look at the trailer. It looks really scary!