How to Beat Poptropica Steamworks Island

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Woo-hoo! Steamworks Island is finally here and it’s really good. It’s much harder than many of the earlier islands on Poptropica except for maybe Astro-Knights island. And it takes a long time to solve. If you’re having trouble figuring it all out, take a look at this guide I put together on how to beat Steamworks Island. It gives you all the Poptropica cheats for Steamworks Island along with tips, secrets and hints.

Steamworks Island Guide

You’ll begin on Main Street once you arrive by balloon in Steamworks Island. Steamworks has been abandoned by its citizens and no one knows why. You’ll spend most of the beginning exploring around trying to figure out exactly what happened here.

Poptropica Steamworks Island Main Street

Outside the Gear Shop on Poptropica Steamworks Island

  • First go to the Clockwork Cantina and solve the puzzle you get there. It’s a bunch of gears that need to be placed in the correct order. The big gears go at the ends and the little ones all go in the middle. When you’ve got everything all set just turn the crank.
  • Pick up the thing that drops on the ground. It’s your multi-tool, which the Poptropica Creators blogged about before they released the island. It will come in very handy a little later.
  • Next to you there is a garbage thing. Go there and jump up onto it. You’ll find the steam battery there. You’re going to use this to power up three different steam terminals that you find on the island.
  • Next go inside the museum. Go to the right side of the room and jump up onto the yellow construction machine. Click on the lever with the blue handle. Now jump up on the platforms and use the bucket of the machine as one of the platforms to jump on. Make your way to the top and to the right and you’ll find a broken display case with a beaker inside. Jump onto it to grab the beaker.
  • Now leave the museum.
  • Your next stump should be the outside of the Clockwork Cantina. Jump up using the big spring and then click on the blue lever. When you do, a bridge forms above you. Run up it and then use the chutes of steam to jump up high and to the right. You will land on top of a skylight. Use the mult-tool that is in your backpack to open the skylight and then go inside.
  • There’s a painting here and a typewriter note. Both show a clue that you’ll need later: the number 0516. That’s all you need here so leave.
  • Run left to get to the next area, Gear Alley. When you arrive, run past the first shop and then go to the blue building. It’s in the center. Jump up the platforms that you see over on the left and then go right past the doorway. There’s a robot crab scurrying around. Jump up and land on top of him. He’ll flip over and drop a key. This is the key to get into Sully’s shop on the right. You’ll also pick up the robot crab and put him in your backpack. He’ll come in very handy later when you need to get out of a hot situation.
  • Go to the street and then walk left to the green building. Find the chute of steam and use it to get up to the roof. Run left and you’ll find an old vine. Run over it to pick it up and place it inside your backpack.
  • Head to the right until you’re back in front of Sully’s store.
  • Use the steam battery that you have inside your backpack on the steam terminal here. Combined with the key, it will allow you to open the door. But first you need to solve a puzzle. This one is kind of tricky. The steam pressure starts on the left at 10 and you need to reduce it to 5 by routing the steam through valves that either increase or decrease the pressure by 1 or 2 points. So mess around until the valves decrease the pressure by -5.
  • Once you finish the puzzle, you can get inside the shop. Here you’ll find Sprocket the Robot who we learned a lot about from all the posts on the main Poptropica blog. He’s sleeping so wake him up by ringing the bell on the desk. Then walk over to the junk box on the left to get the rubber mallet.
  • Go outside and Sprocket will join you. From here on he’ll be your traveling companion through Steamworks Island.
  • Go back to Main Street and then keep running until you get to the next area on the right which is called the Hub.
  • You’ll find a metal thing here that is glowing red and if you touch it you’ll bounce back because it’s too hot. Use the robot crab and then Sprocket will offer to help out. He’ll carry the little robot crab dude up in the air and then drop him on the hatch, causing the glass dome to break. The water will cool off the hatch so that you can go inside.
  • Check out Sprocket’s expression when you get to the bottom of the ladder. He looks terrified. Make your way along the pipes and you’ll see and hear all kinds of weird bumps from inside. When you get near the bottom, a plant monster appears. Use the old vine from your backpack and you’ll tie it around a pipe to pull it out. The steam will spray onto the plant monster and kill it. Then keep going all the way to the bottom left corner of the room.
  • There’s a machine down here. It’s the bottom part of a large elevator you’ll find at the top of the Hub. Click on the circle to do another puzzle. In this game, you have to rotate the board to get the ball to go through the maze and land in the hole in the middle. There are three levels to complete. When you’re done, the elevator will power up. Now go back outside.
  • As soon as you get back outside jump up on the spring to the right and you’ll land next to a blue handled lever. Click it to start the huge Hub wheel turning. Drop back down to the street level.
  • Run left and grab the vines then climb them. Then jump up and to the right and wait for the platform to come around. Jump on it and ride it like a ferris wheel until you get to the top right (about the 2:00 position on a clock). Now jump off and land safely on the yellow pipe. From there go right and use the valve of steam to go up and left. Keep going left until you reach the elevator that goes to the Captain’s Cabin. Click on it to go inside.
  • When you arrive inside, Sprocket is captured by a plant monster. Slam the metal windows shut to free him from the plant tentacles.
  • Go up and to the right and you’ll see a painting that looks exactly like the one you saw inside the mayor’s office. This one has a dial on the bottom though.
  • Click on the dial and you’ll see a combination lock puzzle. Click on the spinning wheels and get them to stop on 0 then 5 then 1 then 6 which is the number you found in the mayor’s office.
  • A door to the right will now open and you can go inside. This is Captain Ziggs’ room and you can pick up the bridge key and the weed whacker here. Leave this room through the right side because you can jump off the porch and land safely below on the street.
  • Keep running right until you find another steam terminal at the end. Use the battery here and you’ll get another valve puzzle. You need to add 6 pressure to make the total go from 10 to 16. When you do, the drawbridge will lower and you can head right into the next zone.
  • This is the Production Zone. Go to the right and leap up to the spring which will get you up on the platform. Use the control panel with the three levers on it. Push them all down and then click on the green button. This will make the spiked metal ball fall down through the ground and create a hole.
Poptropica Steamworks Island Production Zone

Exploring the production zone in Steamworks Island on Poptropica

  • Jump off the platform and go down into the hole. Now you’re in the Factory. Head down and to the right and you’ll get to a room with lots of machinery and platforms and stuff. You need to find the six red buttons here. There are three on each side of the machine in the middle. Push all of the in and then go back to the machine. There are two more red buttons here but you can’t get them by yourself. Sprocket the robot will come to the rescue again and hold one down while you push on the other one.
  • Now the machine will start up and the platforms will start to move. Go up towards the left side and you will find a lever. Click on the lever and the last stationary platform starts to move. Go up to the right and follow the platforms and vines until you reach a moving conveyor belt.
  • When you’re on the conveyor belt you’ll pass underneath a plant monster who spits out these blob things at you. Try to avoid getting knocked backwards by one but usually you can run right through them and even if you get hit as long as you’re mostly past him you’ll be fine.
  • Keep going up and left using the hanging vines. You’ll come to the Mech Steam Motor which is one of the two parts you need to fix the Mech in Sully’s Garage. Take the Mech Steam Motor and then keep going up the vines until you arrive at the Greenhouse.
  • Now go inside the room on the left and you’ll see some chemicals and a workbench. Take a look at the chart on the wall because it shows you the proportions you need to mix. Take the dirty beaker from your backpack and fill it up with the following ratio of chemicals. 3 parts blue, 2 parts green and 4 parts red. If you get the proportions right, you’ll get the Herbicide Mixture.
  • Leave this room and go up to the platform above. Use the herbicide mixture from your backpack on the plant monster here and it will shrivel up and disappear in a brief pop. Now you’ll see a door behind where the monster was. Click on the door to go inside.
  • This is a small maintenance closet with a robot inside. The robot has the living quarters access key. Grab it from him but then you’ll see an alarm go off. Now leave the room and jump up to the platform above. Walk to the left edge of the glass dome and you will see some cracks. Use your rubber mallet here and it will break a hole in the dome so that you can get outside.
  • Go left and run all the way to the Gear Alley area which is on the left side of Main Street.
  • Now run over to the bottom of the blue building and then jump up onto the right side of the big lever. Wait for it to drop all the way down. Then go left and jump up on the platforms, including the left side of the lever that you just raised. Use the steam battery on the terminal.
  • You’ll get another puzzle here. Adjust the steam pressure by -3 to make it end up at 7. The door will open up and you can go inside.
  • Click on the blue lever on the left side of the room to make the platform on the wall rise up. Then go up and to the right and step on the blue button to make the ladder rise. Quickly climb up the ladder to the next platform. Go to the top left and then go through the door to Zack’s room.
  • Now go to the top left part of the room and click on the wall. There’s a new puzzle here. You have to click the squares to reveal sections of pipe underneath and then arrange them to get the steam to flow safely from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. It’s a timed game and you have to move quickly to stay ahead of the steam as it goes through the pipes.
  • Once you complete the puzzle you can go through the door and then walk across the vine bridge to the left where you’ll find the second missing piece for the Mech. It’s the Mech Crank. Pick it up and drop down below to the street.
  • Now go into Sully’s Garage and use both the Mech Crank and the Steam Motor from your backpack on the Mech. Once you place those two items on it, it will become operational and you can sit inside it and move around. Additionally, you will get a special teleporter that you can use to return to the Mech if you ever leave it.
  • Get into the Mech and then walk out of the garage and proceed left down the street until you get to the big doorway covered with vines. Attach the Weed Whacker that you got earlier onto the Mech and then smash through all the vines. Use your spacebar to cut through them. When everything is clear, you can go through the door.
  • Now you’ll walk down the ramp and come to a big windmill. Walk all the way up to where the blades pass by the door at the bottom. You can’t get through but Sprocket will have an idea and offer to help.
  • Get out of the Mech and then stand on the blades as they spin around. When you’re almost at the top, jump up onto the platform above you. Use the multi-tool here to stop the blades from turning around. When this happens, Sprocket is able to unlock the door. Now get back into your Mech and go through the doorway.
  • You’ll enter a dark room. Get out of the Mech again and then use the multi-tool on the machine you see here. The room lights will go on and you’ll discover all the citizens from Steamworks Island. They locked themselves into this special hibernation center to escape from the plant monsters. They have been here for 200 years!
  • Sprocket will finally be reunited with Zack and you can talk to the Mayor about what happened. As you are talking, you’ll hear and feel big bumps from below. You still need to take care of the plant monsters!
  • Go up to the right and get the Toxic Blaster attachment for your Mech. Climb back into the Mech and put the attachment on. Then take the elevator to go to the next area.
  • Go through this room and shoot any plants that try to get you. Go down to the last platform before the very bottom of the room. Walk to the right and take the moving platform across.
  • Go through the door to get to the last room.
  • Now you’re in the Plant Hive, which is the final battle scene. As soon as you enter, yellow acid will start to fill the room. It will continue to get higher and if it touches you, then you lose and will have to start over.
  • You need to beat three different plant monsters in here. The way to do it is to get very close to each one so that it tries to attack you. Back up a little when it does and then start shooting. When its neck is extended it is vulnerable. After you hit it three times, it will die and you can move past.
  • When you get all three monsters you will win the final battle.
  • You’ll arrive back in the hibernation room and the mayor will give you your island medallion. You beat Steamworks Island!
Poptropica Steamworks Island Boss Fight

Fighting the boss monster in Poptropica Steamworks Island